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OSC Clubs Sharing Platform

Alex Mervart from Cambridge Chesterton came up with an idea to create a sharing platform for the OSC clubs. We think it would be great if all the OSC clubs exchange ideas. Please take a look at the new sharing platform and upload any documents you have that will improve the OSC events and also the club itself. 

(1) Bar Offering 

(2) Bowls for non-members (promoting other events to encourage new members) 

(3) Disabled Bowls 

(4) Event Hire 

(5) Female Bowlers (Women Can Application Form - funding for a women only open day)

(6) New members offering (Include welcome packs / coaching / drives / buddy systems)

(7) OSC Documents (Information Pack/ Dress Code/ Privacy Policy/ Guidelines for the entry fee & prize money/ Rules/ Extra Information for new clubs) 

(8) Playing Music (Includes quotes & music licence information)

(9) Social Events (include social events that you run throughout the year)

(10) Sponsorship and other revenue