Open Singles Circuit
Open Singles Circuit

About Us

The Open Singles Circuit is a circuit of club owned and run open singles events throughout the UK, where all the results from all the events earn all the players ranking points which contribute to the OSC Rankings List. The rankings list is reset at the start of each new season to reward each player’s current form.  Local sponsorship and the player’s entry fees form the prize fund for each local event. At the end of each season the top ranked players on the OSC Rankings List qualify for the Grand Final event, which is fully funded by OSC and updated live over the internet for bowls fans all over the world. 

OSC are supported by Potters Resort and the circuit is fully endorsed by the EIBA, who we continue to work alongside to make OSC a success.


Neil Smith - OSC Administrator ​​

Stephen Broome - OSC Merchandising

Katy Smith - OSC IT Co-ordinator

Jordan Moody - OSC Technical Consultant 

Danny Brown - OSC Consultant 


OSC Information Pack (pdf)


Rules Sept 2019 (pdf)


Open Singles Circuit Dress Code (docx)


Guidelines for Entry Fee and Prize Money 2019 (pdf)